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Pui Ying Trafalgar Chinese School was founded in 1996 and is part of the nonprofit Pui Ying Christian Services Society. The goal of our Chinese schools is to promote Chinese culture, provide Chinese language training, and help students develop good character traits. We aim at equipping students to become ambassadors of Western and Chinese culture and to advance in their studies and careers. To ensure the quality of teaching, we maintain close contact with parents. We invite parents to participate in the Parents Advisory Committee and contribute their suggestions to improve our school. We allocate our students into different classes base on the level of their Chinese proficiency. Our teachers utilize interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students’ learning incentive including recital, skit, storytelling, oral composition, conversational exercise, and public speaking. We also host various competitions and exhibitions to showcase the excellent work of students. We are grateful to our teachers’ and parents’ ongoing hard work and support. We hope to continue our journey in making a difference of our students.


Trafalgar Elementary School
4170 Trafalgar St. (at 24 St.)

Lesson Details:


Ms. Joanne Hsu


Please contact Principal Hsu at 778-986-1289 or Pui Ying Centre at 604-821-1262

Class Time:
4:00 - 6:00 pm

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Classes Offered:

- Mandrain & Cantonese Kindergarten to Grade 6 (Simplified or Traditional Chinese)

- Mandarin Secondary Enrichment


Mandarin or Cantonese

Pre-School to Elementary classes: $185 / term

Secondary classes: $195 / term

(GST and cost of textbooks & instructional materials are included)


Please register with Principal Lui during school hours or register online.


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