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Pui Ying Laura Secord Chinese School is one of the branched Chinese Schools run by Pui Ying Christian Services Society (non-profit). The school was founded over 20 years ago and incorporated into the family of Pui Ying Chinese School in 2008.

The goals of Pui Ying Laura Secord Chinese School are to foster Chinese Language skills, to build up a good moral standard and behaviour, and to promote Chinese culture in Canada. Pui Ying Laura Secord Chinese School focuses in teaching students in mastering Chinese language skills using dialogue approach. Teachers adopt activity-based methodology to train students step by step in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. For Mandarin learning, teachers also coach students to build up a good foundation in Hanyu Pinyin. Teaching materials are specially designed and arranged to enforce students' listening and speaking skills so as to meet the needs of those Canadian born children in learning Chinese.

Pui Ying Laura Secord Chinese School offers Cantonese and Mandarin Conversation learning classes at all levels: Dinosaur/Eagle Pre-school 1-3, and Elementary Level 1-6 classes. Students learn Chinese skills in various aspects: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through the dialogue learning methodology, students can learn Chinese language in a more fun and practical studying environment.

All our Chinese teachers are enthusiastic and experienced in Chinese teaching. They are kind-hearted, patient and well experienced in coaching children, as well as are expert in providing students a safe and friendly learning environment. They are from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in various types of Chinese-relating activities and contests which are organized by Pui Ying Christian Services Society or other external organizations, e.g., Chinese New Year poster design, speech contest, …etc.. Periodically, students’ good works are also posted in the Sing Tao Daily and Pui Ying Newsletter, to enhance students’ writing skills and build up their self-confidence in using Chinese language. So, students gain more exposure and experience in practising Chinese, together with building up of their self-confidence by joining in all these activities and contests.

At this stage, overseas students should focus more on "moral education" and "oral/listening education". Especially students’ moral education, it has to be implemented at their early age. Both family and school education has a profound impact on students’ moral cultivation. So, starting from 2014, Pui Ying Laura Secord Chinese School also adds a new "moral education" training session in each Chinese lesson, allowing our students to learn both Chinese language and good moral behaviour. Through this moral education curriculum, our Chinese teachers can train and strengthen students’ awareness of the correct moral virtue and practices: politeness, orderly manner, social morality, …etc. High moral standard is, in fact, what students should learn and pursue as a lifetime of wealth.

There is no shortcut to master the Chinese language. Only with the joint effort and encouragement from all the dear parents and our Chinese school, it fosters the young generation to master good Chinese language skills and its culture. It also helps to build up their good moral standard and best behaviour.


Laura Secord Elementary
2500 Lakewood Drive, Vancouver B.C. V5N 4V1 (at Broadway)

Lesson Details:


Ms. Diana Tang


Ms. Diana Tang

cell: 604-828-6668

home: 604-874-9318

email: or

Pui Ying Centre at 604-821-1262

Class Time:

Classes Offered:

Mandarin (simplified writing), Cantonese (traditional writing)

    Preschool 1-3, Elementary 1-6

Combined Mathematics Enhancement and Fun Creative Art Classes 1-8


Preschool, elementary and adult conversation classes: $185 per term

Secondary Levels: $195 per term

(All taxes and cost of textbooks & instructional materials are included)

Combined Mathematics Enhancement and Creative Art Classes: $200 per term (self-pay learning materials)


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