The family of Pui Ying has expanded tremendously since the establishment of Pui Ying School in Guangzhou by its founder, Dr. Henry V. Noyes, in 1879. The predecessors and many others have made great efforts to establish the school and educate the young through the years. Today, alumni and alumni associations of Pui Ying are found all over the world.

The Board of Directors of Pui Ying Middle School of Hong Kong always remembers with gratitude that our founder with a bold vision came alone from America to China to preach the gospel and promote education in the midst of adversities. To commemorate our founder's noble spirit of serving people in the world, the Board of Directors adopted a resolution to establish Pui Ying Christian Services Society in Vancouver in 1992.


In the formative years of the Society, Dr. Min Woon So and members of the Board of Directors of Pui Ying Middle School often traveled to Vancouver and spent a great deal of time and effort in finding a suitable location for the Society. With the joint efforts of the local PYCSS directors and members of Vancouver Alumni Association, a site was found.

Pui Ying Christian Services Society was registered as a non-profit organization in November 1992. With the donation from Pui Ying Middle School of Hong Kong, the Society acquired two properties for rental purpose. The rental income provides revenue for the development of the Society.

The Society began its operation in 1993. On April 24, 1993, the Society and Vancouver Pui Ying Alumni Association jointly celebrated the establishment of the Society and the 114th Anniversary of Pui Ying Middle School.

In October 1993, the Board of Directors decided to set up an office and a centre for educational and social services at Suite 103, 2880 West 4th Avenue. The Centre was officially open on July 23, 1994 to serve the community.

Under the leadership of Dr. So and the directors of the Board, the Centre set the goal to provide social and educational services to people in the local community and to promote Christianity. Since then, more than ten Chinese schools have been established in Greater Vancouver to serve more than 1,000 students.

In 1997, the Society registered with the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of B.C. under the operating name of Pui Ying College. The Centre was then expanded to 4,400 square feet to accommodate more programs and services.